To our esteemed patrons and our kink family.

Faete has made the difficult decision to postpone the April edition of our popular bi-monthly fetish party.

We would like the community to understand that this decision has not been made lightly.

In light of the civic response towards “flattening the curve” and the general call to engage in “social distancing” the facilitators of Faete feel that contributing to a large gathering would be irresponsible to the community at this time.

As an event that serves the fetish community, we are acutely aware that our party has a particular focus on sexual expression, including play areas and socialization in close confines.

Therefore it is felt that the risk of potential exposure to contagions is higher than regular public spaces and events.

We understand that a number of our community may feel we are overreacting, that we are “healthy” and that such actions are unnecessary.

But, we would much rather look at “big picture” and act accordingly.

Faete feels that it is better to be safe than sorry, and encourages everyone to be mindful of the more vulnerable people in our society, including front line health care workers who will be responding to the crisis in the coming weeks.

We as an organization would rather be known as an event that makes every attempt to keep people safe and be socially responsible, than just a group that throws a great party.

At present, our position is to merely postpone the April event until further notice and adjust this policy in accordance to the global response as it unfolds.

Stay safe, healthy and take care of each other.

We will see you all soon!
–The Faete team