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FAETE is a Fetish Dance and Play party located in Toronto, Canada. Bring your magical self, and join mythical creatures, witches, faeries, gods and goddesses of all persuasions as we dance and play. We welcome you to our enchanted fetish wonderland! Toronto has been asking for a Fetish party that makes great music a priority. FAETE is the result.



  • DJ Lazarus
    One of Toronto’s most prolific and energetic DJs and promoters, DJ Lazarus is responsible for many of Toronto’s most loved events including Fetish Masquerade, Darkrave, PANIC, EBM Party, Spellbound Video Dance Party and Dirty Cupcake.
  • DJ Prospero
    Musician and 20 year DJ veteran in the local Goth/Industrial/Electro scene, Prospero has had experience with a diverse group of events. Everything from Fever Mondays and Savage Garden Decompression Fridays to Fetish Masquerade, Darkrave, Subspace, Northbound Leather and Dirty Cupcake.
  • DJ Hangedman
    In addition to hosting his own weekly radio show on EVE Radio, Hangedman has been a long-standing DJ in Toronto’s Industrial music scene. He has played at at many notable events including Subterra, Darkrave, Neurodance, Impulse and Dirty Cupcake.

Acceptable attire includes:

  • Costumes in keeping with the FAETE theme: mythical creatures, elves, witches, nymphs, faeries, satyrs, forest animals, horned gods and goddesses, etc.
  • Fetish wear: gothic, cybergoth, burner, leather, rubber, cross-dress, drag, lingerie, formal wear, business suits, cocktail dresses and cosplay of all kinds
  • Not acceptable: jeans, sneakers, polo shirts, baseball caps

Decision of the door staff is final. We reserve the right to refuse entry for any reason.


  • Monitored play areas are available. DMs will be on duty at all times, and rules will be posted. 
  • Absolutely no photography (or cell phone use) in play areas. No photography in the club EXCEPT for our photo lounge. A backdrop is set up for this purpose. Respect the privacy of your fellow attendees!
  • Our staff photographer(s) is available to take photos of you and your friends. Photos will be posted to this website. However, you may request a photo to be taken down if you wish. Our policy is to blur out anyone in the background before posting any of our photos. 
  • FAETE is a judgment-free space. We celebrate all orientations, identities, shapes and sizes. We love our inclusive community!
  • We have zero tolerance for non-consensual touching, or any unwanted attention. That includes dancing too close or any kind of “creeping” behaviour. If someone, or something makes you feel uncomfortable, speak to any staff member or DM. They will handle it with discretion.
  • FAETE is a 19+ event. You must be of age and have valid ID to attend.
  • As this is a public space, there will be no sex and no genital nudity.

If you have further questions, please private message us on our facebook page. We look forward to seeing you on the dancefloor!